November 13, 2023

This is our second annual round up edition of Taking Stock which covers all our events in 2022 and is now available to read online for NAG Members

cover image of vol 30 with photo of cards laid out on the table with names and salaries taken from the Transition card game played at Seminar

In this issue:

Papers from our 12th Collection Development Seminar for Academic Librarians:

Cutting our Cloth: Coping with Budget Shocks and Lockdowns at London South Bank University / Malcolm Polfreman, Niamh Malin & Stephen Grace
Streamlining Metadata Workflows with the BDS Academic Library Licence / Andrew Knight, Jenny May & Heather Sherman
Rewind Selector: Re-evaluating Ebook and Etextbook Provision / Rachel Bramley & Ioannis Valiakos
Transition!: The Card Game That Puts You in the Shoes of the Library Director / Kevin O’Donovan
All Change! Point to Point Communication / Jane Del-Pizzo & Heather Robinson
Ebooks Panel / Anthony Sinnott, Andrew Knight, Caren Milloy & Rachel Bickley

Papers from our 2022 NAG Public Libraries Forum:

Libraries of Sanctuary / John Vincent
The Roehampton Kaleidoscope / Janice Fernandez
Play Talk Read comes to Sandwell Libraries and Archives / Sarah Walker

NAG Webinars 2022:

Arcade Gains: Should You Cross Over to Rialto? / Jenny Hill
Well-Being Collection Development: Compiling a National Resource / Elle Lund
Open Access Monographs: Where We Are Now and How to Make Mandates a Reality / Dr Eileen A. Fradenburg Joy, Dr Rupert Gatti & Lucy Barnes
Collective Funding for Open Access Books: How Libraries and Publishers Can Banish the BPC / Lucy Barnes, Emma Booth, Jen Bayjoo & Judith Fathallah
Implementing a New Library System after 20 years: What We Learnt about Moving to OCLC’s WMS / Julie Cleverly & Debbie Morris
Increasing Access to Library Film Collections – Practicalities and Risk? / Ruth Burns
The Milieu of BibliU: From Chaos to Order / Ruth Smalley
Living with Kortext / Anthony Sinnott & Jack Reid
“All Your Data Are Belong to Us”: The Weaponisation of Library Usage Data and What We Can Do about It / Anthony Sinnott & Caroline Ball
How to Start a Board Game Collection / Patrick Stringer & Andrew Venus