October 25, 2009

BIC has launched a new accreditation scheme for publishers and booksellers which will replace the well-established e4books scheme in 2011. The BIC Supply Chain Excellence scheme will widen the parameters for successful certification beyond the traditional supply chain for books and reward organisations which have adopted innovative and effective processes to maximise the benefits of automation and technology.

Roger Woodham, Chair of the group which oversees the scheme, commented: ‘The e4books project was a terrific success as a lever to increase the use of e-commerce in the supply chain and to raise awareness of inefficient practices which persisted in the trade, and its flagship  accreditation scheme was designed to enable companies to signal their support for the project. We believe now is the time to move on and recognise the changes there have been in the industry and the wider impact of technology as an enabler of innovation and enterprise, not least in the area of digital publishing. We shall not lose sight of the original objectives of e4books in the traditional supply chain but we shall also be looking to reward innovative responses to the new challenges the industry faces.’

Peter Kilborn, Executive Director of BIC, added: ‘This new scheme will set the standard for companies which are the best in their field – at business efficiency, customer service, innovation, environmental awareness and so on – and send out a powerful message to trading partners and the industry as a whole.

A full description of the new scheme can be reached at http://www.bic.org.uk/61/SUPPLY-CHAIN-EXCELLENCE-AWARDS/. The first winners of the new awards will be announced in January.

Further details from Peter Kilborn (peter@bic.org.uk)