November 27, 2023

NAG’s 14th Collection Development Seminar and Public Library Forum

Rise of the Machines
Thursday 16th May 2024, Friends House, London

Technology is intrinsic to every library acquisitions team today; what impact is it making for you?  AI is currently the hot topic making the headline news, but it’s a huge topic encompassing everything from devices and hardware to software and systems.

In a library environment where resources are limited and expenditure comes under increasing scrutiny, we must constantly review our practices and resources. We regularly consider revising or even replacing them completely. Change requires transition, such as migrating to a new library management system; a new reading list tool or installing / updating new security features such as RFID.

How are we embracing new technologies to support our roles and the service we provide to our students and the institution?

NAG’s 14th edition of the highly successful Collection Development seminar takes place at the Friends House, 173-177 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BJ, on Thursday 16th May 2024 alongside our separate Public Library Forum.

For this edition, the topic is “Rise of the Machines.” NAG invites papers from those that can share knowledge, best practice, experiences and reflections around the impact of technology. We welcome contributions on issues such as:

  • New uses for existing technologies: Have you found new ways to use technology already owned/implemented by your institution; e.g., exploring unused LMS functionality; repurposing equipment such as iPads.
  • Transformative technologies: Have you implemented a new piece of technology which has transformed how you/your team/your department work and/or the services you offer?
  • Back to basics: Have you experimented with a new technology, only to find it doesn’t deliver on its promises? Did you stop using it, adapt, or simply use it at a basic level?
  • Technology in the long term: Have you been using a technology for a relatively long period of time? What are the factors and challenges – re-assessment and renewing contracts etc., keeping up with updates, troubleshooting, experience with ‘ideas forums’.

At this seminar there will be two separate streams, one for Academic Libraries and one for Public Libraries. We invite prospective speakers from both sectors to submit papers for this event.

Final date for submission of abstracts is 2nd February 2024. Notification of acceptance will be by 19th February 2024. Paper slots are normally 30 minutes including questions; however if you have an idea for a longer, workshop style session please get in touch. Speakers receive a full free Seminar/Forum place plus UK travel expenses and there is no requirement for NAG Membership. We expect around 100 delegates for the Seminar and 30-40 for Forum. Please note the Seminar papers will be filmed and uploaded to our website.

Commercial sponsorship opportunities are now open. If you are interested in presenting as a commercial member, we would strongly suggest that you partner with a library who uses your products/services for the best chance of your paper being selected.

Interested in sharing your ideas but can’t make the 16th May? Please do still get in touch, we have an ongoing webinar programme which you could participate in instead.

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Bookings are now open here for the public libraries stream and here for the academic libraries stream