There are three Joint Fiction Reserves in the UK and Ireland.  The schemes all operate in a similar way; participating libraries aim to acquire all new fiction published within a particular alphabetical allocation and to make this available for inter-library loan.

A similar but distinct Scottish Fiction Reserve is also in operation; the Scottish Joint Fiction Reserve allocates authors to authorities on the basis of local association.

For more information, see the Joint Fiction Reserves Guide (2014)

The English and Irish Joint Fiction Reserves operate on the basis of alphabetical ranges of authors; these allocations are summarised below.

The schedule below are:

• English 1A – Schedule 1A of the English JFR (for material published before 1988)
• English 1B – Schedule 1B of the English JFR (for material published from 1988)
• English 2 Adult – Schedule 2 of the English JFR (adult titles)
• English 2 Junior – Schedule 2 of the English JFR (junior titles)
• Irish – the Irish JFR

Please bear in mind when using the table below that the JFRs are not comprehensive. Some libraries retain legacy JFR stock but no longer maintain their allocation; some libraries have lost stock due to damage or pressure on stack space; and others have withdrawn from the scheme entirely, and have disposed of their JFR stock.

Contact details for the libraries below may be found in the Directory of Library Codes maintained by the British Library, available from