As most NAG Members will have already heard, the Bertrams group has gone into administration affecting Dawson Books and Bertram Books.  Many Librarians are asking how this will impact their collections, particularly those with eBook licenses via Dawsonera.  Gavin Phillips from SUPC is working with the administrators to find answers to this, amongst other questions.

Initial advice is:

  • Ensure your institution has a download of the licences purchased along with latest usage data.
  • Consider options for an alternative platform in the event that Dawsonera ceases to trade, consulting the Buyers Guide for your relevant framework agreement and consulting your local procurement team.
  • Dawsonera currently continues to operate for titles you have already licenced but new purchases are not possible. There is no indication of how long this will last if a buyer cannot be found.
  • You may notice unsafe/privacy warnings when accessing Dawsonera titles – this is because the security certificate has expired and this has been flagged this with the administrator. According to reports, access is not currently affected.
  • Where existing Dawsonera title licences were extended to Unlimited Access until 30th June, be prepared that they may revert back to their previous licence terms at any point from 1st July.
  • Print books cannot currently be ordered and nothing is being dispatched.
  • The administrator is ascertaining which customers have funds on deposit and intends to communicate with them soon. The outcome here could depend on what happens with any potential sale.  The administrator is engaged with a number of potential buyers.

More updates will be coming soon via your Consortia.

Finally, our sympathies to all those made redundant during this process and we hope that you find new jobs within the sector so we can continue working with you.