May 11, 2022

All change: Point to Point Communication
Jane del Pizzo and Heather Robinson
University of Law

How does a small, geographically distributed, team of information professionals continue the move from a heritage library system and manual ordering process to an integrated and innovative library service, during a pandemic, whilst keeping everyone talking (nicely) together?

Jane Del-Pizzo

Jane has worked for the University of Law for 18 years, having previously worked in research and for further education colleges. She served on the board of the BUFVC for a couple of years whilst working in FE.

She has worked in several different roles for the University of Law, with technological and organisational change being a constant throughout her career. She regularly teaches and speaks at yoga retreats about mindfulness and adapting to change, which also comes in handy for the day job.

Outside of work, Jane teaches Nordic walking for her local National Trust & enjoys hosting Japanese students on a regular basis.

Heather Robinson

Heather Robinson joined the University of Law in 2015 and is responsible for ensuring that students on the Bristol and Exeter campuses have access to relevant legal and business resources for learning and research, as well as the knowledge and skills to make full use of them. She manages the Bristol library team and budget and is also a member of the Digital Academy working group.

Heather has a postgraduate degree in Library and Information Studies, she trained with the British Library before making the move into law where she managed Library and Knowledge services for top 50 law firms. Heather is an experienced speaker and lecturer, having presented at conferences in the UK, USA and Canada and taught at the University of Bristol and at UWE. She has also collaborated on a number of legal and information management articles and textbooks including the Law Society’s Practice management handbook, Ed. Peter Scott and Researching the legal web: a guide to legal resources on the internet, Ed. Nick Holmes.

Out of the office Heather has a family, a small collection of mangy dogs and an addiction to the great outdoors.