December 6, 2022

Anthony Sinnott (University of York) and Caroline Ball (University of Derby)

What do professional football players and Academic Libraries have in common? It involves the use of data, listen to this webinar to find out more.

This webinar discusses the implications of un impeded vendor and publisher access to usage data generated by our users and discusses potential solutions, including the potential of contractual opt-outs or overrides. It covers:

– The lack of informed consent on the part of library users
– The lack of transparency over what data is collected (potentially over and above what libraries have access to) and what is done with that data
– The ethical and privacy issues of permitting such unfettered surveillance of users’ reading behaviour
– The pedagogic ramifications of defining engagement and learning solely by metrics and statistics

Caroline and Anthony went on to present “DataSOS” at UKSG 2023 and their paper is available open access to watch here.