October 2, 2022

Exploring the implications of copyright in post lockdown provision of Audio-visual material.
Ruth Burns and Neil Sprunt, University of Manchester Library

This webinar discussed the issue of audio-visual provision of content, the increasing demand for it to be in a digital medium, the implications when an item is not available through an academic streaming service and how copyright law and risk relate to the path we may take in the future.

Due to the sensitive nature of the solutions being discussed only the presentation section has been recorded and is available here:

Our speakers:

Ruth Burns is the Collection Development Data Coordinator at the University of Manchester Library, and frequently describes her role as metaphorically hitting data with a hammer until it comes out in an understandable format. Ruth also has a focal role in the sourcing of audio-visual material for the Library.

Neil Sprunt is the University of Manchester Library’s Teaching and Learning Services Manager and Copyright Manager, and is responsible for copyright guidance at the University of Manchester. With a teaching and learning focus, Neil works to help staff and students understand how copyright affects them whilst enabling them to get the most out of copyrighted materials for educational use. He also oversees the University’s collective licences and works closely with the University’s legal team in the development of relevant policy and procedures.