April 19, 2021

Taking the Halberd to Inefficient Reading List Acquisitions Processes!

Electronic reading list systems are now commonplace in UK HE institutions as a method of delivering teaching content to students. However, the acquisitions modules in these systems have yet to leverage the data in an efficient and meaningful way, to reduce waste in the back of house processes, and to improve supply turnaround times. Granular “checking” or “reviewing” of each reading list by library staff often results in duplicated labour, long backlogs, and considerable staff time spent on low-value work where no acquisition action is required.

In this webinar on 15th April 2021, two acquisitions librarians discussed their holistic approaches to managing the data, demonstrate bespoke tools they have developed, and debate the pros and cons of using this non-standard approach.  Our speakers were David Steedman (Systems and Discovery Librarian at University of Roehampton) and Jo Adams-Lingwood (Acquisitions Librarian at the London School of Economics).