May 29, 2023

Here’s all the slides from our event on 25th May 2023 at Friends House, London.
Recordings coming soon!

Paper 1:  BIC’s sustainability project – Designed for Recycling – Karen Carden (University of the Arts, London) and Simon Crump (Freelance Consultant for BIC)

Paper 2: How sustainable is the move to digital? Measuring the impact of digital at Cambridge University Press – Andri Johnston (Cambridge University Press)

Paper 3: Economy, ecology, and equity: collective collecting for long term print sustainability – Eva Jurczyk (University of Toronto)

Paper 4: Achieving value through centralisation: putting the library at the centre of learning resource acquisition? – Hannah Groom (Open University)

Panel: Sustainable futures for OA book publishing – Peter Barr (Sheffield), Kyle Brady (St Andrews) and Judith Fathallah (Lancaster/Coventry)

Paper 5: Sustainable Funding for Open Access Monographs: Opening the Future and other collective funding models – Tom Grady (COPIM/Birkbeck)