May 2, 2022

Library Perspectives Series with:
Jenny Hill, University of Nottingham

This webinar discussed how and why the University of Nottingham decided to implement the use of the ProQuest marketplace tool “Rialto” which is embedded in the “Alma” Library Management System. It outlined the implementation process from the customer standpoint, and the impact this tool has had on University of Nottingham processes. It will also look to the next phase of Rialto implementation for University of Nottingham and touch on their hopes for future development.

Our speaker:

Jenny is one of two Resource Acquisitions Librarians at the University of Nottingham, since 2008 she has led the books and one-time purchasing side of the Acquisitions Team, focusing on the purchase of monographs and ebooks for the 8 UK branches of the University of Nottingham Libraries with the addition of standing orders and etextbooks. She has varied experience of other posts within the academic library sector and a background of working and studying in event organisation, marketing and communications.