November 9, 2022

How do we choose titles for wellbeing collections in libraries? Increasingly a strategic priority for libraries and their parent organisations, nonetheless many wellbeing collections are developed by staff volunteering their time. Questions of content are followed by questions of space and culture. Yet it seems we ask and answer these questions mostly in our own institutional silos, with all the pressures of getting something very sensitive and personal ‘just right’. Would it be possible to develop a national resource to support this work, supporting the wellbeing of library staff who take on this work? Elle will share her personal experiences around developing these collections, attempts towards responsible purchasing decision making, and next steps in the project to create a national best practice for wellbeing collection development.

We would be delighted to receive your title/usage data around wellbeing collections; every single input is hugely appreciated. Please contact the NAG office or join the chat below in Discord to participate.

Our speaker:

Eleanor (Elle) works as Library Management System Trainer at the University of Exeter, supporting the Library’s move to Alma. Former Library Aide and Content Assistant at Lancaster University, she decided to move across the country during a pandemic to join Exeter as an Information Assistant. She is passionate about wellbeing, inclusion, and decolonisation.