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Coffee and a Chat – October 2023

October 3, 2023 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Exclusively for NAG Members we are launching "Coffee and a Chat" this autumn! This is the opportunity to reach out to people in similar roles and see if they can help with your issues, problems or ideas.  Perhaps you are considering moving to a new system and you'd like to hear, off the record, what people really feel about it?  Perhaps you have hit a snag and you just want to talk through the problem and see if anyone else has already solved it?  Perhaps you would just like to chat to some other people who really understand why metadata is so crucial, and how frustrating it can be when you just can't get that eBook on the reading list! We are planning for these sessions to be reactive to issues or challenges of the moment; hopefully driven by traffic on our "Hot Topics" page but we're absolutely open to the discussion moving wherever it goes on the day.  We also have the option to use breakout rooms if you want to take a subgroup of people off to really dig into an issue, perhaps with some screensharing in a smaller group. We'll be opening the session on the 3rd October with a discussion inspired by our sustainability focused Seminar this May - plastic book jackets: do we still need them?  Bring your opinions or just come to listen to others' experiences of ditching them or otherwise...  Can't make it on the day? Please do leave your comments on the thread here and we'll feed them into the discussion and update on there after the event too. Book a ticket below to get the Zoom link for the session, open to NAG members only (Institutional/Commercial/Individual).  Due to manual checking processes there may be a short delay between making the booking and receiving your "ticket" with the link.  These sessions will not be recorded but (anonymized) notes may be added to the Hot Topics pages as appropriate.

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