July 17, 2023

Would you be interested in helping guide the direction of travel for NAG? Contributing to the discussion around how we can best serve our Membership and grow the organisation?

Our Executive Committee is split into groups to ensure even representation of the membership and this year we will have vacancies in all groups which includes Academic libraries, Public Libraries, Commercial Members and Special Libraries. If you work in any of those sectors, we would be delighted to hear from you.

We are particularly keen to get more public library representation on the NAG Exec Committee; please do get in touch if you’re considering it and you would like more information on any aspect of the role.

What’s the commitment?

The full Executive Committee meets three times a year via Zoom for 90 minutes (usually on a Monday) with one full day in-person meeting in October each year to kick off our planning.

We have sub teams within the committee and within those teams we have project groups who have the ability to plan and organise and report back to the full Exec. The number of sub team/project group meetings varies depending on what you sign up for, and you have the flexibility to step forward and back depending on your workloads. We use Discord to keep in touch in between meetings (a free tool similar to Microsoft Teams available via App or browser). You have the support of our two part time members of staff to deal with the day to day tasks and the background admin of events and bookings.

For physical events and meetings we offer full travel expenses to help enable our Exec members to attend. NAG Exec are also entitled to free places at our Seminar and Forum events and we can contribute to your travel costs if this is a problem for your organisation. If even the cost of NAG Membership itself is a barrier for your organisation, we would be happy to offer discounted or even free membership in exchange for your time serving on Exec, especially for public library people.

You initially join NAG for a three year block with the option to stand again for a second three year block but then you must stand down for at least a year before rejoining.

Our AGM and planning meeting date for 2023/24 is 12th October in Birmingham. Do save the date if you’re interested in joining us.