August 15, 2022

Would you be interested in helping guide the direction of travel for NAG? Contributing to the discussion around how we can best serve our Membership and grow the organisation?

Our Executive Committee is split into groups to ensure even representation of the membership and this year we will have vacancies in the groups for Public Libraries, Commercial Members and Special Libraries. If you work in one of those sectors, we would be delighted to hear from you.

We are particularly keen to get more public library representation on the NAG Exec Committee; please do get in touch if you’re considering it and you would like more information on any aspect of the role.

We are restructuring our sub groups and teams for 2022/23 so it will be an exciting time to be involved. Our plan is that sub groups will have more autonomy to plan and organise then report back to our full Executive Committee leading to more flexibility and shorter full Exec meetings. In general, most subgroup and Exec meetings are virtual to enable greater participation. Full Exec meetings are usually on Mondays via Zoom. For physical events and meetings we offer full travel expenses to help enable our Exec members to attend. If even the cost of NAG Membership is a barrier for your organisation, we would be happy to offer discounted or even free membership in exchange for your time serving on Exec, especially for public library people.

Our AGM date for 2022/23 is 7th October in central London. Do save the date if you’re interested in joining us.