March 9, 2022

The NAG Public Libraries Grant for 2019 was awarded to Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure for their “Digital Storytellers” project.  The project aims to reinvigorate their Chatterbooks groups with digital technologies.

This project will give us the chance to try and roll out further technologies, easily found in library makerspaces, like augmented reality books or tablets, among others, together with traditional arts and crafts materials. It will give children the opportunity to interpret books using digital and stop frame animations, programming, conductive tape, robotics, etc.

Maria Reguera Development Librarian: Digital Services & Innovation

The project will not only provide opportunities for users in the area, but will also provide guidance for other Libraries in how to successfully use makerspace equipment in storytelling.   Feedback from the project will be available at the NAG Conference (18th November 2020) and via our journal “Taking Stock” which is also available to members via the website.