May 23, 2022

The NAG Public Library Project of the Year Grant was doubled for 2021 (as it was not awarded in 2020 due to the pandemic) therefore we were able to have two winners: Wandsworth Libraries with their “Roehampton Kaleidoscope” and Derbyshire Libraries with “Read, Play, Puzzle” each receiving £5,000 from the National Acquisitions Group.

Participants at Newbold’s Book Cafe at Derbyshire Libraries

In Derbyshire “Read, Play, Puzzle” will build on the explosive growth in gaming, jigsaws and reading over the last year and offer group participation to combat social isolation.  The funds will enable the purchase of a selection of books with related games and puzzles to encourage active participation in literature and create opportunities to engage with books in different ways.

Learners at Roehampton

The “Roehampton Kaleidoscope” project focuses on Urdu speaking women in the locality of the library and providing tuition via workshops firstly around English conversation but then moving on to mental well-being, digital literacy and job skills with a community celebration event to finish.

Dr Janice Fernandez speaking at NAG Forum in Birmingham in May 2022

Both projects will be presented at NAG events in 2022; the slides from Janice Fernandez’s Roehampton Kaleidoscope presentation are available here and we hope to hear from Derbyshire later in the year.