December 4, 2023

At NAG we are often asked for advice relating to cataloguing and metadata so our Exec team have collated some useful links for introductory materials.


“An Introduction to cataloguing” from Librarianship Studies and Information Technology

“What is Metadata?” from the LIS Education Network

Tools and resources for cataloguers from Librarianship Studies and Information Technology

ALA tools and resources for cataloguers from the American Library Association

“Understanding MARC” from the Library of Congress. A guide from the very basics of what MARC is and all the terminology and acronyms around it that you’ll encounter when cataloguing.

“RDA in MARC” from the Library of Congress

“Bibliographic standards and formats” from OCLC

Cataloguing Ethics from the international steering committee which offers a framework with guidance and examples of best practice.

Recordings and video content:

ARLIS provided a series of useful webinars which are now available on YouTube and give a good overall introduction for everyone, not just people working with art collections.

ARLIS cataloguing workshop: an introduction to cataloguing:

ARLIS: Catalogue that:

ARLIS serials cataloguing: “Multiple issues!”

There are also many other introduction to cataloguing webinars available as recordings online such as this one from Katie Gill in Mississippi:

“Surprise! You’re a Cataloguer”
External cataloguing training providers:

For more formal learning, there are external providers who offer training in cataloguing.

Anne Welsh “Beginning Cataloguing” (UK based)


ALA eLearning