February 13, 2024

The NAG Award for Excellence 2024 is open for nominations! The team will receive an increased cash prize of £500 and a trophy as well as a free place for a representative at the London event thanks to sponsorship from BDS. The application process is simple with just a 500 word statement emailed to the NAG office. Full details are available on our award page.

I encourage anyone thinking about applying to go for it. It’s fantastic recognition for any achievements you’ve made. I applied for the award for two reasons really. Firstly, we had had an amazing year. I’d asked the team to do a lot and we’d made a lot of changes at pace. I felt the team deserved for this achievement to be recognised. Plus, the team hasn’t been nominated for something like this before, and I felt they should. I kept the nomination quiet but was delighted when I found out we had won. When I announced it to the team everyone was happy, it was a recognition of what we had achieved and the award has proudly been on display in the office ever since.
Nominate your team to be recognised amongst your peers! The NAG Award is a fantastic recognition in the acquisitions / content space and good luck in your application!

Matt Cox, Winner 2019 and NAG Executive Committee Member
The 2022 Trophy for North Yorkshire Libraries