National Acquisitions Group Award for Excellence

NAG makes an annual award designed to promote excellence, original thinking and innovation by a library team or individual within the field of Acquisitions.  Following a break in 2018, we are looking to relaunch for 2019 with a new sponsor and the addition of a cash prize for the winner as a new incentive to enter!

For 2019 the winner will receive £200 plus £100 as a donation to their nominated charity.  The prize will be paid directly to the individual (not their Institution/employer) however if there are multiple people involved in a project, unfortunately you will have to split the money between yourselves.  You will also benefit from free seminar places at November 2019 and May 2020.

Nominations opened in May 2019 at the Collections Development Seminar and we would encourage all NAG Members to apply. Only a short 500 word statement is required and the deadline is 21st October 2019. The winners will be announced at the seminar in November in Manchester and will be asked to present their project as a paper at the following seminar in May 2020 and in our journal, Taking Stock.

The NAG Award for 2017 was presented to the e-book accessibility audit team.  Their project sought to introduce a benchmark for accessibility in e-book platforms by devising a comprehensive audit for e-books in Higher Education. The focus was on key areas of practical user experience to measure basic accessibility functionality and guide targeted platform improvement.

If you are interested in sponsoring the NAG Award for 2019 or beyond, please email Jennie to discuss on

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Three of the team with a trophy selfie

The team, made up of Huw Alexander, Jane Cooke, Vicky Dobson, Gopal Dutta, Ruth MacMullen, Alistair McNaught, Jamie Phillips, Sue Smith and Ben Watson, crowd-sourced participation from 33 universities and 5 suppliers, testing 280 e-books across 44 platforms.

This was the 7th NAG excellence award in 2017 and was kindly sponsored by Nielsen Book, a leading provider of discovery, commerce and research services for library and library suppliers.

Full press release available here.