This year’s National Acquisitions Group (NAG) Award for Excellence has been won by Jeff Miller and the Collections Team at the University of Huddersfield for their execution of a reading list review project. This project enabled the team to meet their targets for making reading list citations available whilst providing everyone involved with data driven insights to enrich decision making processes.
Alongside this work the Collections Team have also shown a commitment to ongoing review and improvement around the green supply chain and its associated benefits.

The Executive Committee were impressed by Jeff’s collaborative approach to sharing best practice throughout the library community and his willingness to share his knowledge and assist others to optimise their efficiencies. 

“Jeff’s and the team’s remarkable efforts in optimising our collections have not only enhanced efficiency and cost savings but also ensured the continuous improvement of the student experience. His commendable work deserves recognition”

Krish Pilicudale, Director of Digital Information

“BDS is delighted to sponsor the award this year and we hope, for years to come. Excellence, original thinking and innovation are features that have made BDS successful, so we look forward to learning more about the projects that are supporting such work in libraries.”

Lesley Whyte, BDS
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