NAG Executive Committee 2023/24

To contact any of the committee members, please contact the NAG office in the first instance.
NAG Exec meetings take place once a quarter, currently on Zoom, always on a Monday with sub group meetings in between.


Chair:   Rachel Schulkins

Vice Chair: currently vacant for a public libraries representative

Head of Online Programme:

Treasurer:  Anthony Sinnott

Committee members

Rachel Schulkins
Anthony Sinnott
Sally Allen
Heather Sherman
Stephen Mitchell
Eric Jackson
David Stokes
Jo Adams Lingwood
Marie Hepburn
Vickie Varley
Colette Townend
Emily Davis
Sunil Varma


Emma Booth
Laura Davison
Jack Reid
Jeffery Miller
Matt Cox
Phil Barraclough
Yeser Street
Emily Clark
Kerry Hadaway
Hannah Dobson
Andrew Knight
Sue Price-Jones
Kay Richards
Louise Smith
Zoë Hurley
Kerry Hutchings

Elle Lund – Editor, Taking Stock


Maggie Sumner