April 21, 2009

Yes, it’s true, NAG are planning an adapted and updated Acquisitions School in 2009.  Training at level 1 for public librarians is projected for July 6th and 7th in Preston and for academic Librarians in London in November.  Further details will be provided shortly but keep reading for more information and reasons for the changes.

NAG Acquisitions and Stock Management Training 2009

The NAG Acquisitions School has been offered as a residential course over three, and subsequently two, days for well over a decade. Although it has been regularly updated during this time to reflect ongoing changes and developments its structure has remained largely unaltered.

The School was originally designed to cater for the needs of acquisitions staff working in bibliographical / technical and stock departments in all types of libraries – public, academic and special.  Although aimed primarily at middle management, it nevertheless attracted library staff at all levels. And while some segments of the course were targeted specifically to meet the needs of either public or academic librarians, the remaining presentations were very general in nature.

In recent years the appeal of a residential course has also diminished – principally for financial reasons, particularly in public libraries, but increasingly due to lack of time in the workplace.  There has also been a change of emphasis in terms of responsibility for acquisitions processes and a consequent reduction in the number of staff involved in this area of work.

NAG therefore feels that it is time to make changes to the School – both to enhance its effectiveness as a means of learning, professional development and staff training, and to develop its value and reputation within the profession..

A number of major changes are planned.

1. There will be two sets of training opportunities – one for the public sector and one for the academic/special sector

2. Training will be delivered at defined levels: initially two, but with a senior/strategic addition later.

  • Level 1 –  introductory
  • Level 2 –  experienced practitioner / manager

3.The School will no longer be residential but will be offered as a series of one-day courses offered at intervals in line with demand, although two day courses in 2009 will operate on consecutive days to allow students to attend both if relevant.

4. This flexible format will allow NAG

  • to offer extended course content – with, for example, a greater focus on supply specification, evidence-based stock management and e-book procurement
  • to offer training to a wider range of staff, encompassing all those involved in the selection, acquisition and ongoing management of stock
  • to take account of regional demand and increase access to training opportunities by running courses in different parts of the UK

Although inter-related, each course is designed to be free-standing, allowing delegates the choice of attending one or both courses at Levels 1 and 2.

NAG will continue to draw on the skills of its members to source expert practitioners from libraries and the various branches of the library supply industry to act as course leaders.