March 22, 2019


The new issue of our journal ‘Taking Stock’ is now available to NAG members via the website here.

Articles include:

The Ninth Collection Development Seminar for Academic Libraries /  Anthony Sinnott

Mission Impossible!  Setting up a branch library in Dubai / Mandy Harper and Frances Machell

The journey from Librarian-led to Criteria-led book ordering / Ann Stairmand-Jackson, Nikki Griffin and Graham Gamblin

Thinking outside the (process) box / Eric Jackson

Provision of high demand reading material at the University of York / Antonio Garcia Fernandez and Ben Catt

Public Libraries Forum / Jennie Hillyard

Copies will be arriving through the post to all NAG members in the next week or so, please do get in touch with the office if yours has not appeared soon and we can check delivery details for you and send a replacement.