Even in this electronic age, books remain a core element of the service provided by UK public libraries, responsible for around £100 million a year of library expenditure, and the MLA’s Better Stock, Better Libraries programme has recently focused attention on the part played by stock in attracting and retaining readers.

Building a comprehensive, high-quality stock, matching provision to community needs; improving availability and speed of supply, securing best value prices; and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of procurement and management processes are therefore essential activities for all public libraries.

These Guidelines provide best practice guidance to two important elements in the effective management, selection and supply of a hard-working, best value, customer-focused stock: the supply specification and the stock management framework which underpins it.

Due to sponsorship from the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, these Supply Specification Guidelines are available free of charge. NAG has also produced Servicing Guidelines for both academic and public libraries.

These documents are freely available to download below:

Supply Specification Guidelines

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Best practice for public libraries

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Best practice for academic libraries

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