March 26, 2018

For 2018, NAG will be running three seminars; our usual Collection Development for Academic Libraries seminar in May (Birmingham), followed by two day seminars in November (Leeds) with day one focused around academic libraries and day two for papers focusing on public libraries.  Naturally, everyone is welcome at any of the seminars, regardless of sector, as we recognise the huge opportunities to learn from each other which NAG has always promoted.

This change is in response to feedback from NAG members that they find it difficult to justify the expenditure on NAG Conference to their line managers when only half of the programme is directly relevant to their role, despite many comments from attendees about how much they have learnt from presentations from the opposite sector.  We hope that those members who can will continue to attend both days and we will of course continue to publish papers from all seminars in Taking Stock to provide cross-sector learning in that format.

The May seminar is now fully booked; the autumn seminar will be on the 7th (academic focus) and 8th (public focus) of November at The Studio in Leeds.  The price will include lunch and tea and coffee only and will be similar to the cost per day of the May seminar.   A Call for Papers will be announced in June.