November 30, 2020

Support our online webinars for 2021

For 2021, NAG has decided to offer online events only with the intention to offer both bi-monthly events aimed at Public Libraries and 6-12 webinars for the Academic library sector.  This provides the opportunity for up to 5 commercial NAG Members to sponsor each strand with the following package:

  • Your slide on a carousel for 10 minutes before each webinar begins.
  • Thanks from the Chair before and after each webinar.
  • Individual thanks and acknowledgement of each sponsor via Social Media (Twitter and LinkedIn) before each webinar.
  • Opportunity to send out PDF marketing materials after the webinar to the delegates via NAG – these can be updated through the year.  (No email addresses will be released to you directly.)
  • The option to present a NAG webinar in partnership with a Library to show the application of a product.  The customer Library does not need to be a current NAG Member to take up this option.  NAG will provide a Chair for the Q&A section of the event.

All sponsors must be current NAG members.

Cost £300 (+VAT)