September 21, 2018

Unfortunately the main email address has been spoofed and the spammers are sending out fake invoices with malicious viruses attached.  Luckily these are being picked up as suspicious by anti-virus software.  There is very little we can do other than alerting Members to this problem as they are simply faking the “from” address which we have no control over.

The fake emails look like this:


Attached is Invoice 890854.
Please review and confirm receipt.

Thank you for choosing National Aquisitions Group

National Aquisitions Group
TEL: 01442 248875
FAX: 01442 245667

Any genuine emails from NAG would be signed off from Christine Hall or Jennie Hillyard and our attached invoices are in PDF format not Word.  We also do not have an 01442 phone number, we no longer have a fax number, and we can spell “acquisitions” – well, most of the time….

If you receive one of these messages, please simply delete without opening attachments and our apologies for the inconvenience.