November 21, 2018

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Wednesday May 15th 2019 sees NAG host the 10th edition of its highly successful Collection Development Seminar, taking place again at The Studio in Birmingham. NAG invites papers from those that can share knowledge around collection mapping tools and approaches; futureproofing collections; risk management and emergency planning; or any topics or experiences related to the themes of streamlining and futureproofing.

The needs and provisions of a library are constantly evolving. Academic libraries consistently face budget limitations and pressure to increase available study space.

  • How can libraries streamline their collections effectively?
  • How can technology, analytics, and intelligence help us to manage and streamline collections?
  • What data can be used to inform strategy and decisions about weeding, relegation, or off-site storage? What are the risks associated with taking such steps?
  • How do libraries balance the “content versus space” requirements of their institution?
  • What are the potential or unforeseen costs and benefits of streamlining, both financial and reputational? Who loses and gains?
  • How do we communicate decisions and manage relationships with positive outcomes with our stakeholders?

Do academic libraries need to ensure that collections are futureproofed? What methodologies can be employed to do this?

  • What skillset do librarians require to futureproof their collections?
  • Do you have an emergency or disaster management plan in place to ensure your collection’s longevity?
  • What are the practicalities and financial costs of futureproofing? Is it worth the effort?
  • How can we anticipate and plan for problems that might impact our collections? What about “unknown unknowns”?
  • How can libraries keep up with new channels and formats of content delivery, and incorporate these into their acquisitions strategies?
  • What are the advantages and drawbacks of an E-First or E-only policy?
  • What policies or backup plans are in place if electronic content platforms go offline or disappear altogether? Is the risk so minimal to be acceptable?
  • What other areas of the institution do we need to establish partnerships with?
  • Does the collection become less about space and physicality, and more about user experience and content delivery methods?

If you are interested in speaking around the topic of streamlining and futureproofing your collection, we require a 300-500 word abstract, which should be submitted to National Acquisitions Group on . Final date for submission of abstracts is Sunday 20th January 2019. Notification of acceptance will be by Friday 1st February 2019.

Paper slots are 30 minutes including questions; however if you have an idea for a longer, workshop style session please get in touch.

Speakers receive a full free Seminar place plus UK travel expenses.

Commercial sponsorship opportunities are available