April 6, 2020

Welcome to issue 28 (2) 2020

Navigating the way into the Good Books

In this issue:

  • Jennie Hillyard           NAG: a hive of activity
  • Karen Colbron             Levelling the playing field for the acquisition of digital archival collections in UK Higher Education
  • Jane Secker and Chris Morrison        Understanding the value of the CLA Licence to UK Higher Education.
  • Chris Harrison             Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? Challenging the binary divide between books and journals.
  • Dionne Hood               Partnership working in Reader Development at Bradford Libraries
  • Rebecca Gower and Jayne Kelly         Is it for teaching, or research or both? Collaborating on ebooks in Cambridge,
  • Maria Reguera             A new approach to children’s reading groups: NAG Public Libraries Project Grant
  • Natalia Gordon            Fear the change but create the workflow anyway: behind the scenes of an implementation
  • Lesley Lowe and Chloe French           Public Libraries and Further Education in Partnership
  • Sheila Candeland         This is Manchester, we do things differently here: the story of a collaborative model to support reading for pleasure.
  • A. J. Mackenzie            Breaking the perception of digital literacy, the contemporary conceptualisation of information technology.

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