January 14, 2018

Welcome to issue 26 (2) – Winter 2017/18

In this issue

  • Remembering Chris Hall
  • Ian Anstice         Remembering to have fish in the aquarium
  • Karen Colbron   National Monographs Solutions
  • Gopal Dutta, Vicky Dobson and Susan Smith        How well do you know your eBooks?
  • Claire Duffield and Sapphia Cunningham-Tait      Express Yourself!
  • Trudy Turner     Designing a digital library experience in Europe
  • Diane McCourt  Everything we do is driven by you
  • Yvonne Melville               Every book counts
  • Diana Massam and Chloe Dobson            Using Copac Collection Management Tools Data
  • David Clover      Everything Changes
  • Liam Dixon         Transforming children’s non-fiction in public libraries
  • Rachel Kirkwood             Just academic questions?
  • Cam Storey        Going up?
  • Annamarie Burchett       Leeds!  Librarians!  Las Vegas!
  • Jack Michael Reid            Tale of a first-time delegate

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